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Constitution Act


Florence Football Club 1898


Constitution Act

The gentlemen’s committee of the founders, the twenty sixth day of May 2010, constitutes to new life the Florence Football Club originally founded in 1898 and besides confirms and declares that the old Florentine “Giuoco del Calcio” is in all probability the father of the modern game of football, an amusement and a craze in Anglo-Saxon sporting life.


The Club’s colours will be White & Red to honour Florentine traditional flag. Symbol of the Club will be the red Lilium of Florence on white shield.



The Club’s gentlemencommittee will provide a foot-ball team and will promote and maintain friendly and social activities for Club members and others connected with the Club.



Membership is open to restricted number of gentlemen upon payment of a subscription. Associate membership is not open to any person. The application needs compulsory approval of Management Committee. All applications to be sponsored by a member.



The Club shall be managed by a committee, which shall be called the Management Committee, which shall comprise: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Clubhouse Manager, Team Managers & Assistant Managers and Club Welfare Officer. Team managers and assistant mangers shall be elected annually. The Management Committee will meet as deemed necessary. The members will elect at the general meeting a President who will preside over Club affairs. The President shall serve for a five-year term. Vice Presidents will be elected annually at the from nominated persons who will give long and valuable service to the Club.


Annual General Meeting

The Club shall organize a annual general meeting with all members. The Management Committee will set the date of it. The Treasurer will present a full and audited statement of the Club finances.


The Club’s headquarter is established in Via Leonardo Ximenes 55B in Florence, Italy.


Alterations and Amendments

Alterations and amendments to the constitution or rules shall only be made at the Management Committee.



Subscriptions will be payable annually and will be fixed at the Management Committee.



Rules and Regulations

The Club will ask for the status of an Affiliated Member Club to the Italian Football Association and by virtue of its affiliation will respect its Rules and Regulations.



A manager and an assistant will manage each team. The manager and assistant will be over twenty five years of age. In the event of a manager resigning he or she shall be held responsible for all assets and monies held in the name of the team.


Florence, 26th May 2010


The Committee For The Rebirth of Florence Football Club



Act Officially Signed by The Ancient Rooms of Palagio dell'Arte della Lana - Via Arte della Lana 1 - Firenze  - ITALY




The Gentlemen’s Committee of The Founders

Ottaviano de' Medici di Toscana, Vanni Torrigiani Malaspina, Carlo Pallavicino, Andrea Claudio Galluzzo, Alessandro Luzzi, Gregorio Benedetti, David Bini, Tommaso Conforti, Luca Giannelli, Roberto Vinciguerra, Luis Laserpe, Alessio Guazzini, Niccolò Ridolfi di Montescudaio, Flavio Gori, Massimo Cecchi, Gianfranco LottiniMassimo Boninsegni, Filippo Maria Bougleux, Massimo Sabatini, Dimitri Caciolli, Angelo Sorba, Cosimo degli Alessandri, Paolo Crescioli, Andrea Bruno Savelli, Stefano Del Corona, Andrea Ovaleo Pandolfo, Luca Binazzi.